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Degree Seeking Students

Applicants who are interested to study a full bachelor’s or master’s degree at Osnabrück University can find further information about the application requirements here
Please note that the application procedure depends on the different groups of applicants:

With a German secondary school diploma

Applicants who have earned a secondary school diploma from a German school either in Germany or abroad must meet the same admissions requirements as German students. They are considered international students with German diplomas ("Bildungsinländer").

With foreign certificates

International students with foreign certificates applying to study in Osnabrück must meet certain conditions related to their subject and linguistic competence. Their educational background and country of origin also affect the admissions procedure. Please contact the Admissions Office (Studierendensekretariat) for more information.

Study programs offered at the Institute of Social Sciences

Bachelor of Arts

2-Fächer Bachelor Kernfach Soziologie (+zweites Kernfach) (Dual subject Bachelor Sociology, +2nd subject)

2-Fächer Bachelor Kernfach Politikwissenschaft (+zweites Kernfach) (Dual subject Bachelor Political Science, +2nd subject)

  • Teaching Language: German

Sozialwissenschaften (Social Sciences)

  • Teaching Language: German

Europäische Studien (European Studies)

  • Teaching Language: mostly German, partly English

Master of Arts

Europäisches Regieren: Markt – Macht – Gemeinschaft (European Governance: Market – Power- Community)

  • Teaching Language: mostly German, partly English

Soziologie: Dynamiken gesellschaftlichen Wandels (Sociology: Dynamics of Societal Change)

  • Teaching Language: German

Internationale Migration und Interkulturelle Beziehungen (International Migration and Intercultural Relations)

  • Teaching Language: mostly German, partly English

Conflict Studies and Peacebuilding

  • Teaching Language: English