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Prof. Dr. rer. soc. Alexander De Juan

Fachbereich 1: Kultur- und Sozialwissenschaften

49074 Osnabrück

Raum: 15/423b
Sprechzeiten: Mittwoch, 10-12 Uhr (Anmeldung über StudIP erforderlich)
Tel.: 4366


Research interests

My current research focusses on political attitudes and behavior in the context of conflict and autocratic rule. I have a particular interest in historical episodes of contention.

Curriculum Vitae

since 2018       Professor of Comparative Politics, University of Osnabrück

2018 – 2018     Senior Research Fellow, GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies

2015 – 2017     Temporary Professorship, University of Konstanz

2012 – 2015     Research Fellow, GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies

Since 2012       Consultant in international development

2008 – 2011     Sector Economist for peace and security, KfW Development Bank

2006 – 2008     Fellow of the Postgraduate Research Program “Global Challenges”

2006 – 2009     Ph.D. studies (Dr. rer. soc.), University of Tübingen

2004 – 2006     Master of Arts, Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Tübingen

2000 – 2004     Bachelor of Arts, Socioeconomics, Universities of Lüneburg/Berlin (HU)

Publications (peer-reviewed)

2023 (wit Lisa Hoffmann and Jann Lay): "Large-scale agricultural investments, employment opportunities and communal conflict," Journal of Politics. Conditional accept.

2023 (with Christian Gläßel, Felix Haass, Adam Scharpf): "The Political Effects of Witnessing State Atrocities: Evidence from the Nazi Death Marches," Comparative Political Studies. Online first.

2023 (with Felix Haass, Carlo Koos, Sascha Riaz, Thomas Tichelbäcker): "War and Nationalism: How WW1 Battle Deaths Fueled Civilians’ Support for the Nazi Party," American Political Science Review. Online first.

2022 (with Carlo Koos, Miquel Pellicer, and Eva Wegner). "Can reconstruction programmes improve political perceptions in conflict contexts? Evidence from eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo," South African Journal of Economics, Online First.

2021 (with Felix Haaß and Jan Pierskalla): "The partial effectiveness of indoctrination in autocracies: Evidence from a natural experiment in the German Democratic Republic,” World Politics, 73(4), 593-628.

2021 (with Niklas Hänze): "Climate and Cohesion—The Effects of Droughts on Intra-Ethnic and Inter-Ethnic Trust," Journal of Peace Research, special issue "Security implications of climate change", 58 (1), 151-167.

2021 (with Carlo Koos): "Survey Participation Effects in Conflict Research," Journal of Peace Research, 58 (4),  623-639.

2021 (with Eva Wegner and Miquel Pellicer): "Preferences for the Scope of Protests," Political Research Quarterly, 74 (2), 288-301.

2020 (with Jan Pierskalla and Elisa Schwarz): "Natural Disasters, Aid Distribution, and Social Unrest – Micro-Level Evidence from the 2015 Earthquake in Nepal," World Development, 126, 104715.

2020 [book review, not peer reviewed]: "Undoing the Revolution: Comparing Elite Subversion of Peasant Rebellions. By Vasabjit Banerjee. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press, 2019," Perspectives on Politics, 18 (2), 664-665.

2020: "Heterogeneous Effects of Development Aid on Violent Unrest in Post-War Countries – Village-Level Evidence from Nepal," International Studies Quarterly, 64 (1), 168-182.

2020 (with Jan Koehler and Kristóf Gosztonyi): "Conditional Effects of Aid on Political Perceptions – Mixed Methods Evidence from North East Afghanistan," European Journal of International Relations, 26 (3), 793-819.

2020 (with Tim Wegenast): "Climate, Food Riots and Adaptation: A Long-Term Historical Analysis of England," Journal of Peace Research, 57 (2), 265-280.

2019 (with Carlo Koos): “The Historical Roots of Cooperative Behavior—Evidence from Eastern Congo,World Development, 116, 100-112.

2019 (with Eva Wegner): "Social Inequality, State-Centered Grievances, and Protest – Evidence from South Africa", Journal of Conflict Resolution, 63 (1), 31-58.

2019 (with Jan Pierskalla and Max Montgomery): “The Territorial Expansion of the Colonial State: Evidence from German East Africa 1890-1909,British Journal of Political Science, 49 (2), 711-737.

2017 “‘Traditional’ Institutions in Land Conflicts – Determinants of the Persistence of Pre-Colonial Dispute Settlement in Burundi,” Comparative Political Studies, 13, 1835-1868.

2017 (with Jan Pierskalla and Fabian Krautwald): "Constructing the State: Macro Strategies, Micro Incentives, and the Creation of Police Forces in Colonial Namibia," Politics & Society, 45 (2), 269–299.

2017 (with Jan Pierskalla): "The Comparative Politics of Colonialism and Its Legacies: An Introduction"; introduction to special issue, Politics & Society, 45 (2), 159–172.

2016 (with Jan Pierskalla): “Civil war violence and political trust: Microlevel evidence from Nepal,” Conflict Management and Peace Science, 33 (1), 67-88.

2016: "Extraction and Violent Resistance in the Early Phases of State Building - Quantitative Evidence From the “Maji Maji” Rebellion, 1905-1907", Comparative Political Studies, 49 (2), 291-323.

2016: "Auswirkungen von Gewalt auf Religion: Eine alternative Perspektive auf innerstaatlichen „religiöse Konflikte“", Zeitschrift für Friedens- und Konfliktforschung, Sonderband 1, 266-293.

2015 (with Jan Pierskalla and Johannes Vüllers): “The Pacifying Effects of Local Religious Institutions: An Analysis of Communal Violence in Indonesia,” Political Research Quarterly, 68 (2), 211-224.

2015 (with André Bank): “The Ba‘thist Blackout? Geographical Distribution of Regime Cooptation and Violence in the Syrian Civil War,” Journal of Peace Research, 52: 91–104; awarded the Nils Petter Gleditsch JPR Article of the Year Award 2015.

2015 (with Andreas Hasenclever): "Framing Political Violence: Success and Failure of Religious Mobilization in the Philippines and Thailand," Civil Wars, 17 (2), 201–221.

2015: “Long-Term Ecological Change and Geographical Patterns of Violence in Darfur, 2003–2005,” Political Geography, 45, 22–33.

2015: “Intra-Religious Conflicts in Intra-State Wars,” Terrorism and Political Violence, 27 (4), 762-780.

2015 (with Jan Pierskalla): “Manpower to Coerce and Co-opt—State Capacity and Political Violence in Southern Sudan 2006–2010,” Conflict Management and Peace Science, 32 (2), 175-199.

2013: “Devolving ethnic conflicts - The role of subgroup identities for institutional intergroup settlements,” Civil Wars, 15: 1, 78-99.

2009: “A Pact with the Devil? – Elite Alliances as Bases of Violent Religious Conflicts,” Studies in Conflict and Terrorism 31: 12, 1120-1135.

2009 (with Andreas Hasenclever): “Das Framing religiöser Konflikte – die Rolle von Eliten in religiös konnotierten Bürgerkriegen,” Politische Vierteljahresschriften (PVS) 43, 178-208.

2007 (with Andreas Hasenclever): “Grasping the Impact of Religious Traditions on Political Conflicts: Empirical Findings and Theoretical Perspectives,” Friedens-Warte, 2-3, 19-47.

Research projects

2024 – 2027 | Devolving the monopoly on violence, German Research Council

  • Applicant and head of project; EUR 598,900
  • Research question: “How does the devolution of state functions affect citizens’ security in areas governed by customary arrangements?”
  • Methods: perception surveys, qualitative analyses in Mexico

2020 – 2024 | Micro-level determinants and consequences of militia performance, German Research Council

  • Applicant and head of project; EUR 510,000
  • Research question: “What explains militia performance and how does militia performance affect state legitimacy?”
  • Methods: perception surveys, qualitative analyses in Afghanistan and Mexico

2020 – 2022 | The impact of information on aid outcomes, KfW Development Bank

  • Applicant and head of project; EUR 660,000
  • Research question: “How do information campaigns among beneficiary and non-beneficiary populations influence attitudinal effects of aid interventions?”
  • Methods: telephone surveys in conflict-affected areas of Mali and Niger, survey experiment

2018 – 2020 | The Anatomy of Repression in Authoritarian States, German Foundation for Peace Research

  • Applicant and head of project; volume: EUR 98,000
  • Analysis of personnel files of the secret service (Staatssicherheit) of the Former German Democratic Republic
  • Methods: archival data collection; quantitative analyses

2014 – 2016 | Territorial Dynamics of Colonial State-Building, Gerda Henkel Foundation

  • Applicant and head of project (with Jan Pierskalla); volume: EUR 93,000
  • Research question: “What Factors Shape Spatial Patterns of State-Building?”
  • Methods: quantitative analysis; data from two newly compiled historical datasets on former German colonies

 2016 – 2016 | Impact Evaluation - “Peace Fund”, Ministry for Economic Cooperation

  • Applicant and head of project (with Eva Wegner, Miquel Pellicer and Carlo Koos); volume: EUR 150,000
  • Impact evaluation of a EUR 50 million development project in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Methods: opinion survey; quasi-experiment and matching approach

2014 – 2017 | Local Conflict and the Local State, German Research Council

  • Applicant and head of project; volume: EUR 285,000
  • Research question: “What is the Role of Public Basic Service Delivery in Low-Level Violence against the State?”
  • Methods: quantitative analysis and field research in Nepal and South Africa

2014 – 2016 | From Civil War to Social Contract, Ministry for Economic Cooperation

  • Applicant and head of project; volume: EUR 199,000
  • Research question: “What are the Determinants of Political Trust in Fragile and Conflict-Affected States?”
  • Methods: opinion surveys (n>1500) and in-depth qualitative field research in Burundi, Afghanistan, and Peru

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